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Dropped off my Jeep in the early morning to have a full Engine Diagnostic performed / issue resolved, and picked up a perfectly running Jeep that afternoon. I was looking for a reliable place to take my vehicle to, now that it's rolled out of the Manufacturer's Warranty, and believe I've found it in Griffin's.


Griffin’s is always on top of it. Just an oil change and tire rotation and they had me in and out of there in under 35 minutes. But listen if you have something major going on with your car….this is the place to go. While I was waiting I was able to witness how they treat their customers. It is total care. They make sure you know what is going on every step of the way and that you don’t walk away scratching your head unsure of what to expect next. Hands down the only place I will go for basic maintenance AND repairs.




Great service for any vehicle they do a great job also keep you posted on status


Recently had my Mini Cooper worked on (most places don't want to work on these cars or don't know how) and they did a great job at an affordable price. I would highly recommend this shop!!



My father took his Vehicle there today and was treated horribly. The smaller bald gentleman in the front office charged him over $300 for a diagnostic fee that DID NOT go towards the final bill. My dad talked to the gentleman (maybe the owner), and he was very rude from the get-go. They told my dad it was going to be done by the end of the day and they did not deliver. I would not take any car to that business ever again. They seem to only care about how much they can charge you instead of the quality work that is done. Save yourself time and money.

I’m sorry you had this happen. That is not normal for my staff at all. They are very courteous and professional and my wife was there all day and never mentioned anything about any type of problems and is usually there on the spot if there is an issue. Unfortunately I was gone most of the day on a parts run to the other side of the state so I am not aware of any of this but I will speak with my staff about it. I don’t see any diagnosis only charges cashed out today. It will help if I have a name. I do not find anyone with your last name in the system. Feel free to call and ask for me personally. My name is bill. I am the owner. I would like to understand what happened and address it… We are not here to make clients unhappy and if there was misconduct on our end I want to handle it immediately and do what’s right if there is an issue. I will speak to my wife in the morning about it as well… As of right now I see no record of anyone being there and just spoke with both my managers and my wife and they all say there was no altercation or any customer that they had an issue with today. You will have to elaborate for us. All invoices for the entire week do not reflect charges like that or anyone with the same last name. Feel free to call me with your father’s info. I’m very curious as to who he is so we can see what happened. As of right now I cannot help if I cannot find who your father is or what we did. Depending on what we diagnose those charges do still stay on the invoice. Our technicians take a lot of time training and have many years of experience. They deserve to be paid for their expertise. You can’t go to your doctor and expect to not pay the office exam charges. We are no different. Diagnosis takes time and knowledge. We make sure you are provided both. As I said feel free to call me with a last name so I can talk to your father direct and look up his invoice… Update to this. We have not had anyone that fits this review. Unfortunately we have one customer that has been playing games and making fake profiles and doing this. Pretty unfortunate that this is what people like to spend their time doing…

- Griffin's Neighborhood Auto Clinic

Bill, Scott, and Jacob were awesome! Quick to get my kids’ car in and fixed in record time. Lobby was clean and neat and everyone polite. Thanks again for everything!

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