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Auto Repair Shop Farmington Hills Michigan
Our ASE Certified Master Technicians serve Oakland County with diagnostics, oil changes, engine rebuilds, tires, towing and more.

My name is Bill Griffin. My wife Jennifer and I are the proud owners of Griffin's Neighborhood Auto Clinic. We are extending a personal invitation to come and experience what quality auto service is at our repair facility. At Griffin's its not about just the cars, its about the customer. We understand that in these trying times that the last thing you want to have happen is a costly repair. That is why we make sure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape and that you are informed of everything that is going on with your vehicle and that you have a solid game plan as to how to address the issues in a matter of importance. We call this our repair blueprint. It allows you to fix the immediate concerns and decide in the future what to fix as money and time allows. There are no pressure sales here! Just good old fashioned honest business practices coupled with state of the art equipment and the latest in diagnostic training and cutting edge repair training There are two things we look to achieve here. Good customer relationships and quality repairs fixed right the first time.

Come to Griffin's and become a part of our automotive repair family. Because that is what you are to us and how you will be treated every time you are with us.Let us be your dealer alternatative...
Thank you for visiting our website. I hope to hear from you soon.

Bill and Jennifer Griffin 

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3 Year/ 36,000 Miles

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We know the customer comes first and deserves best. We strive to be your best choise for automotive repair and maintenance needs. That’s why we offer 3year/36,000 mile Warranty.

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The team at the shop truly exceeded expectations with their assistance on my car. They conducted a comprehensive check of the vehicle and replaced the battery both swiftly and effectively. Furthermore, they were extraordinarily helpful in arranging with the moving company to pick up my car right from their location. The service was professional, timely, and polite. I strongly recommend this shop to anyone in need of dependable and efficient car maintenance and support. For fair pricing, excellent customer service, and knowledgeable mechanics, this is definitely the place to go!
Dennis Manley
The problem with antifreeze drip was fixed and I agreed to the price because I was there and need it the problem fixed, but at $436 to reconnect a clamp that needed the battery removed to get underneath and reconnect to stop the dripping of antifreeze, felt a bit over price. Also, that included a $21 to top off the antifreeze which I did the day before and due to the dripping that went down by a finger but just to top it off which it wasn’t much I was charged more than what I paid for a big bottle the day before.
C. R
Great service and fast response to a critical situation with my Mini. Reasonable prices.
Dan Ling
I hired these guys for a pre-purchase inspection on a used vehicle. First, they squeezed my appointment in on very short notice to work with my schedule and that of the seller. The staff was friendly and professional and they provided a very thorough 1-hour-plus inspection at a reasonable price. I had an email copy of the report before I left the premises and bought the vehicle worry-free based on their diagnostics. I'd go back to them without hesitation. Thanks guys!
Kent Nordlund
Using an alt account to leave a review as last time, I had received an angry call around 7:30pm from Mr. Griffin himself. Long story short, I had a very limited window of time to get my car fixed. His technicians and front staff understood the time constraint and ACCEPTED my business. They even shifted appointments around. Very grateful as they were helpful. Two days after picking my vehicle up, it unfortunately began to exhibit the same issues. I called the store and the front desk manager had spoken to me, saying I can bring it in again. However, there would be a charge. This to me was unacceptable, though the time constraints where difficult for them, they ultimately were the ones to agree to take my business, it is their duty at that point to perform proper repairs. After some back and forth, the manager eventually agreed to allow me to bring it back in free of charge. This seemed appropriate as it seems rather unreasonable be charged twice for the same repair, after the technicians failed to complete it properly the first time. I left a temporary 1 star review, stating it was temporary and I would update it after my car was worked on again. Mr. Griffin saw my review and called after hours saying it was unfair of me to force his employees to work on my car with such a short time frame, that he can't refund me because they technically worked on my vehicle and he has to pay his employees. He spoke down to me and started off hostile. In his "kindness" he said I could bring it back in for a reduced price. This is when I had informed him that I was told that it would be free. I then was told that his employees would never offer that and I was accused of being a liar. Things quickly de-escalated from there, both of us could have behaved a lot better. What prompted this review was hearing a friend have an unpleasant interaction with Mr. Griffin's business. He clearly has not grown in maturity. His responses to the negative reviews are always denying his poor behavior, blaming the customer, accusing them of lying, or calling them unreasonable. That likely will be the same response to this review. I'm sure most of the time his business performs their job not only well, but to an exceptional level. Unfortunately though, they are not perfect, but when his business is not perfect, the customer somehow is at fault. Looking forward to the predicted response Mr. Griffin. Edit: As predicted and for all to see, no accountability. Evidently sharing poor and real experiences for others to see is immature. Expecting the job to be done properly the first time and not being charged for them to attempt it a second time is entitlement.
Dooper Dupinskie
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